Spring courses and our Founder’s inspirational artworks!

Our online and self-paced courses allow 3rd grade through high school students to explore the digital arts from the basics, with no experience required, to advanced digital art that pushes the boundaries of digital art software. Many of our students have gone on to study the digital arts in college and open their own digital art galleries and stores. The wild mustang foal you see above is one of our Founder's digital paintings. You can visit his online gallery and store for digital art and entrepreneurial inspiration.

Our courses are grouped into four tracks where the skills taught in the first course are built upon in the following courses. The art forms taught in each track also integrate with the art forms taught in the other tracks. For example, students' digital drawings and paintings can be imported into their digital animations, and they can all be imported into their video games.

We are super excited to announce the addition of our fourth track, the Youth Digital Arts Space Program. In our first groundbreaking YDASP course, KSP101, students build and pilot six rockets and one satellite as they progressively build their skills to land on the two moons in the Kerbin System, Minmus and the Mun, record lots of science, collect surface samples and safely return to Kerbin. This is an outstanding example of harnessing the digital arts to teach advanced topics such as rocket science.

The software taught in KSP101 is the amazing Kerbal Space Program which was created using the Unity video game development software. We also teach Unity video game design in our Unity2D101 course which does not require any coding! This means all students can learn how to create their own amazing video games like the Kerbal Space Program. You can watch a fantastic video of the video game students create in our Unity2D101 course.

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Our courses are available 24 hours/day from anywhere!

Each of our courses is available 24 hours/day, fully supported, and completes with a student digital art portfolio of class work. Each course is 60 days long and costs $155, except for our High School Visual Arts course which is twice the length and price. Students need to put in 3 - 4 hours per week to finish well within their 60 day enrollment period. The software taught runs on PCs or MACs, is professional level, free to install on as many computers as you wish and updates are free. KSP101, DA101, DA102 and IMVGD101 are the only courses that use highly discounted commercial software. We provide a 60% off discount code for KSP and a 40% off discount code for Moho Debut 13.5, the software taught in DA101 and DA102. We provide an exclusive deeply discounted Construct 3 license, the software taught in IMVGD101, included in the price of the course.

4 thoughts on “Spring courses and our Founder’s inspirational artworks!”

  1. The movement in the YDACS founder’s artwork is phenomenal! I really love the brushstrokes in the piece depicting a young horse, and how the edges blur into such a colorful background.

  2. I love this art piece! From far away, it looks very realistic! But up close you see all the beautiful paint strokes! The individual strokes look like they were all done with care and precision! Amazing art piece!

  3. Awesome artwork! I love how alive and realistic the environment looks and feels as well as the animals themselves. Amazing piece of art!

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