Sneak Preview! 3rd grade through high school students create professional video games without coding!

Watch our sneak preview video, below, of the professional quality 2D video game created by our 3rd grade through high school students without any programming!  Students design and create their video game in one of the most powerful professional video game development programs: Unity.

Unity won worldwide acclaim for creating 3D video games and immersive virtual reality and augmented reality environments such as Pokémon Go. Unity is also used to create interactive simulations such as the Kerbal Space Program taught in our KSP101 course. Unity is also used by major industries outside video gaming, such as film, automotive, architecture, engineering, construction, and the United States Armed Forces.

Unity can now be used to create amazing 2D video games within their 3D environment.  It's super cool and this course does it all without any coding!

This is an outstanding opportunity for our young aspiring artists to learn how they can incorporate their own original art into their own original, professional quality, video games.

Unity is free until the video game creator earns $100,000 in revenue.  After the first $100,000 a fee is charged.  Pretty great deal!

Our Unity2D101 course is coming soon. In the meantime you can enroll in our groundbreaking KSP101 course to experience a professional level space simulator, built with Unity, in action.

4 thoughts on “Sneak Preview! 3rd grade through high school students create professional video games without coding!”

  1. YES! I’m super hyped for this course! Just the idea of making a video game without coding is amazing!!! I can’t wait for this course!!!

  2. This is super exciting. It looks like a great way for any skill level to create games, learn about the platform, and feel truly proud of the results! I absolutely love the artistry in this sneak peak too–I’ve never been really into video game art, but this makes me want to try it out!

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