An inspirational career in astronomical writing: Orbits in orbit

We are super happy to have Jake as the teacher of our Kerbal Space Program 101 course. Jake is a gifted programmer, video game designer, novelist, musician and the manager of Liberty University's Observatory, but his passion is writing and helping organizations "bring complex matters down to Earth," as exemplified by his article analyzing the effects of weightlessness on astronauts' eyeballs, titled "Orbits in Orbit." The article's target audience is the Australasian ophthalmic industry so it's pretty technical, but it's fascinating for everyone to read.

Jake's freelance astronomy and technology writing is an inspirational example of how a career can unite students' creative passions. We are proud to say that Jake started as a YDACS student almost seventeen years ago, when Jake's mom, Josie, contacted us looking to enroll Jake in our video game design courses. Jake was quiet, passionate about programming and video game design, a hungry learner, always happy to help other students and share his new explorations during our CyberJams.

Jake never brags about himself, but we always happily brag about our students. Please make your day brighter by listening to one of Jake's symphonic compositions from back in 2013. He based it off several songs from a video gamed called Starbound.  It starts out quiet so you may need to raise the volume of your speakers to hear the full symphonic effect.

Our mission is to feed hungry young minds so our students can explore the digital arts without any prior experience, just as Jake began almost seventeen years ago. You can read about his journey on his freelance writing business website's About page.

By providing an environment for our students to explore the digital arts, we hope to inspire them to aspire to creative and innovative careers like Jake's. He has so many digital art skills that his opportunities are unbounded, except by infinity.

Please also sure to treat yourself to Jake's writing in his Infinity-Bound Blog. We guarantee you will enjoy his "Astronomical Reads."

We hope students take advantage of Jake's excellent teaching by enrolling in KSP101 where he teaches students how to build and pilot their own rockets to the Mun and beyond!

We strongly encourage all business owners, or anyone in need of outstanding freelance writing, to contact Jake and avail themselves of his services.

Please also share your thoughts and comments below.

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