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Platform Video Game Design

This first course in our video game design course series uses simple yet powerful drag and drop software that anyone can master. No previous programming experience is necessary. By the end of this course you will have created your first side-scrolling platform video game called Super Knight.

Students learn the basics of 2D Side Scrolling Platform video game design as they follow their teacher step by step in creating their first video game.

Students learn how to use the Clickteam Fusion Libraries to select, drag, and drop their hero, trees, giant spiders, landscapes, and a helicopter, into their video game as they create a virtual 2D world where their stories unfold.

Students program their video game objects to interact with each other, keep track of variables such as score and player health, and create enemies so their video games are fun and challenging.

If students have questions they should first search the VGD101 Student Forum to see if it has already been asked and answered.  

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