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One of the hottest areas in video games is designing and creating video games that can be played on phones and the internet. IMVGD101 teaches students how to design and create 2D Internet video games, including advanced 2D physics, that can be played on any phone, in any browser and on computers.

We show you how this project, Subarashi's EPIC Adventure, was dreamed up by a small group of our Student National Mentors and Fellows, and how they came together as a team to brainstorm, design, program and produce this EPIC Adventure!

We take students through the entire process of creating and programming Subarashi's EPIC Adventure, step by step, so you can play it with your friends and family, on their phones or computers, all at the same time!

We use original YDACS artwork created by our Student National Mentors and Fellows from skills they learned in DM101, DPP101, DDP101, during our Cyber Jams and in our Cyber Studios.

If you have questions you should first search the IMVGD101 Student Forum to see if it has already been asked and answered.  

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