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You are about to enter the exciting world of vector graphics and Manga character design and creation!  You will also learn how to animate your vector drawings.

This first course in our Digital Drawing and Painting Track features simple to use, FREE and powerful Open Source Software that anyone can master. No previous drawing or Manga experience is required to create professional looking Manga characters.

We focus on Chibi character design but the vector drawing skills taught in this class will allow you to draw any style of Manga, comics or any other drawings or illustrations that you wish to create.

You will also be given a free student created video game that demonstrates how your drawings can be imported into a video game and you can take our video game design courses to learn how to create your own video games. You will also be given our Manga Boy template and Butterfly Wing template.   Our Manga Boy template contains many individual objects you can modify in a myriad of ways to create completely different characters.  Our Butterfly Wing template is comprised of many small elements that you can finely edit and customize to create your own unique wings that you can attach to anything you wish, including flying carrots!

In this course you will watch your instructor's screen as they guide you step by step through a  brief history of Manga and then launch into creating your first Manga drawings, tracings and character modifications.

The magic of YDACS is that you can pause and replay to your heart's content and always go as fast or as slow as you desire!

If you have questions you should first search the DM101 Student Forum to see if it has already been asked and answered.  

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