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Our online, self-paced courses include: Digital Drawing, Painting, Photo Painting, 3D Modelling and Drawing, Storytelling, Comics, Manga, Anime, Animation, Graphic Novels, Storyboarding and Video Game Design.

Students explore the digital arts from the basics, with no experience required, to highly advanced professional digital art that pushes the boundaries of digital art software.


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DA101 - Dawson - Grade 4

I’ve completed DA101! I learned how to do the first six principles of animation. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the course because I can now make animations on my own!!!

DA101 - Chase - Grade 11

If anyone is looking for digital arts classes I highly recommend using this site and taking the courses, the videos give exact instructions allowing you to get used to and comfortable with the software in no time.

DM101 - Hollie - Grade 4

“Hi, I have finished the course. I liked making the wings and using the different colors and effects on them. I used it to make wings for a manga fairy.”

DM101 - Muriel - Grade 5

Thanks for teaching the class! I really enjoyed all of it. I loved drawing and working on the projects after the lessons. I looked forward to it the whole day and am sad it’s over.
Thank you so much!

DM101 - Lidia - Grade 6

I really enjoyed DM101. I loved the part when the teacher was teaching about drawing, simplifying the drawing, using fill to color, and using the gradients.

DM101 - Chase - Grade 6

“I finished DM101!

I’ve really enjoyed attending your class, thanks for teaching me so much!”

DM101 - Katherine - Grade 7

I have had an amazing experience with Digital Manga 101. I have learned how to use a type of free and open software called “Inkscape,” and with it, I have learned how to draw on the computer with out having to know how to draw on paper. Every time I watched a video, I was intrigued by the different tools and how they worked to create Manga characters. My favorite tools are the cloning and color wheel tools, and I have learned that they play a big role in the creating of Manga. I never thought I would be able to draw online and I know this will help me in other aspects of my life. Thank you. I love Digital Manga 101!

DM101 - Evelyn - Grade 7

I really enjoyed Digital Manga 101. Although I did find it fun to learn techniques in the class videos, my favorite part was definitely creating my own characters in Inkscape! It was interesting and useful to know how to make drawings look excellent through slight tweaking. Thanks to the mathematics of Vector Graphics, I enjoyed my first Inkscape experience because I could move and change images easily and quickly. I am glad that I learned how to make some really creative works on the computer and I hope to use these skills in later years.

Thank you, YDACS!

DM101 - Benjamin - Grade 7

I have finished DM101. This was an action packed class. Before this class, I had not even heard of manga. I enjoyed how descriptive and intriguing the videos were. I also liked how the teacher showed us the Inkscape topic we were learning from his computer so we saw everything he was doing.

Thanks so much YDACS and I will surely take one of your classes in the next semester.

DM101 - Elizabeth - Grade 9

“I’m finished!! I really liked this class. The best part about this class was when I created the pictures and I learned a lot about digital art. I’m definitely going to be painting on Inkscape in my free time!!!

Thanks for teaching me!!”

DM101 - Damon - Grade 12

I really liked this course. I have enjoyed learning how to draw manga. Something I thought I could never do. Now I have the confidence thanks to this course. The videos were very informative and helped a ton. I can't wait to start the next course. Graphic Arts is fun for me so far.

DPP101 - Bradley - Grade 3

“I’ve finished my quizzes and posted 4 works. I really enjoy photography, so this class taught me how to edit them. I learned about filters, artistic, noise, light and shadow, a lot from the dock, and I enjoyed the class. The quizzes were hard for me, but I wrote down the information for the quiz. It was fun.”

DPP101 - Evelyn - Grade 7

“Thank you YDACS so much for this very informative and interactive class. Each chapter, I learned something new about how to make my photographs even more creative and beautiful. Although I truly enjoyed learning about ways to enhance and construct my artwork, my favorite part was actually putting this knowledge to use. Thanks to YDACS, I was able to create some really neat pieces of work that I could never have made before. I plan to use the skills I have learned here to inspire my future digital art. Again, thank you so much!”

DPP101 - Alyssa - Grade 8

“I loved this course! I found it extremely exciting to be able to bring some of my notebook drawings to life!”

DPP101 - Elizabeth - Grade 9

“I have finished DPP101!

I learned a lot of new things like how to properly edit a photo and do fun and different things with the filter. My favorite filter is the cartoon filter.

I loved this course, it was one of my favorite classes this semester! Thank you for teaching ma all of the great things about GIMP and photo editing!

Thanks for teaching me!“

DPP101 - Nataliya - Grade 9

“I have finished DPP101

I have learned a lot! I learned how to edit a photo, how to change your photo to a different type of mode, how to make your photo turn B&W and color to make only part of the picture be colored in, that I can download GIMP for free and not have to search for some other photo editor where I would have to pay to edit my photos (thank you for that!), and how to make my photos look illusion and change my photos into something really interesting and totally cool!

I loved the course! And I thank you all for showing us GIMP and showing us the incredible things GIMP can do! Again I want to thank you all for this wonderful course and for all who took the time to make this happen! God bless you all!

DPP101 - Paige - Grade 10

“It was an interesting class, because though I had experienced gimp in the past, I didn’t know the complexity it could achieve, nor the selection of filters and effects to choose from. I’m sure that I will use this program more in the future.”

DDP101 - Hannah - Grade 6

“I have finished DDP101! I LOVED this class I learned many helpful techniques for my digital paintings. I will most definitely be taking another YDACS class”

DDP101 - Evelyn - Grade 8

I finished DDP101!
This was an excellent class; the lighting and shading aspects that I learned were most helpful in creating a realistic feel to my sketches. I enjoyed importing my paper drawings, tracing them, and making them more colorful, bold, and interesting. I loved creating this type of digital art, and because of this class, I hope to continue my work.
Thank you YDACS!

DDP101 - Anne - Grade 8

“I loved this course! I found it extremely exciting to be able to bring some of my notebook drawings to life!”

DDP101 - Mya - Grade 8

I just finished! Yeah! I loved this course and i think i am going to make another game using construct 2. approve The game is up top if you want to play it. I’m looking forward to the next course!

DDP101 - Kierstin - Grade 10

My goodness this course was so amazing! I really enjoying making my work posts for this course. I learned how to shade and fill in new ways and also learned new techniques, such as burning and dodging, as well as more effective ways to use the tools available.

DDP101 - Judah - Grade 11

“I’ve finished DDP101. I enjoyed this course very much. I especially enjoyed seeing how each artist had their own unique style and different methods for creating their artwork. It was extremely educational for me as an artist to learn from other artists and try different techniques. Overall, I was very pleased with this course and I feel that it has helped me further establish my own style. Thank you YDACS!“

DDP101 - Justin - Grade 12

“I’ve finished DDP101. I am happy that I was enrolled into this course because I have finally learned the techniques that many use to make their sketches look like authentic artworks created by actual game developers and designers!”

3DDRW101 - Judah - Grade 11

I’ve Finished 3DDRW101. I absolutely loved this course, it really helped to get me started with Blender. Taking this course has opened just the right door for me to explore a lot of new possibilities with the incredible Blender interface. Armed with the knowledge that I was fortunate enough to gain from this course, I’m now tremendously excited to try out loads of new ideas on the extremely advanced, yet somehow effortless, program that is Blender. Thank you, YDACS.

3DDRW101 - Evelyn - Grade 8

I’ve finished 3DDRW101! This was a challenging course, but ultimately I feel like I learned so many new techniques. 3D in general is an exciting topic, and it was very fun to develop the basic skills (which I will expand upon more and more as I go).

The greatest part about this experience was the support. I was having many difficulties at the beginning of the course, but the instructors were always willing to spend a lot of time and effort to help fix the problem both for me and the other students. Thank you so much! I will continue to make creative artwork with the help of these new skills.


VAMCGS - Michah - Grade 10

“Well, I did it! I learned a lot about how closely related comics are to any other art form. They use many of the same principles as paintings, sculpture and even music! The part I liked best, and this is probably a popular answer, but I enjoyed making my own comics. By now I was so used to Inkscape from the first course I did with YDACS, so it was nice to return to bitmap graphics. It was also an interesting new perspective on comics as an art. I’m used to reviewing things based on the story, so reviewing things based on the themes and composition was another interesting change. Now when I read or make a comic, I can consider the skills presented with a clearer understanding. It was hard at times, but I’m definitely glad I took this course. Thanks, YDACS!"

VAMCGS - Katrina - Grade 12

Thank you so much for providing this course and helping me. I really enjoyed learning more about making comics. I learned the different techniques used in comics. I also loved making the comics for the various assignments. I really enjoyed this course!

VGD101 - Christopher - Grade 3

I Really like that part on how to program the game to add, delete and keep the score! I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned to make more and to take another course!

VGD101 - Dawson - Grade 3

I have finished VGD101. I learned a lot of things. I learned that by changing settings you can make a good guy or a bad guy.

For fun with my dad’s help I was also able to import Sonic the Hedgehog into a game using a Sonic sprite that I found online. I attached a picture.

This whole class was a lot of fun.

VGD101 - Christopher's Mom - Grade ?

“This is an amazing program, my son is in 3rd grade and I am amazed by what he is learning and retaining through this class!!! You all are doing an amazing job!!

VGD101 - Brianna - Grade 8

“YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I am so happy I have finished my game But I am still sad that I didn’t get to go on farther than this. thanks soooo much and see you next year. also what is the next game gonna be and is it path or one of the other options? whatever it is I will be happy!

VGD101 - Payton - Grade 8

I've Finished VDG101 and I really enjoyed it. Super Knight was the first video game that I ever made.

VGD101 - Zak - Grade 8

“I’ve finished VGD101. I thought it was fun building the game, especially when it came to the coding part. I learned more on coding, game design, and HTML5 more than I already do. This course was awesome!”

VGD101 - Rebecca - Grade 9


“I really enjoyed doing this class, it’s my dream to be a game designer and I never knew designing a game could be this easy! I look forward to learning more in future classes!”

VGD101 - Jayden - Grade 12

I've just finished VGD101, and I can say that I've learned so much. I learned how to create frames, events, conditions, and so much more. I had so much fun with this class, it was incredible… I couldn't help but do multiple chapters in a row! I'm really happy with this class, and will make sure to use what I've learned to make incredible video games.

VGD101 - Tariq - Grade 12

This course was awesome for learning about how to use Fusion.

VGD101 - Aidan - Grade 12

I loved this course. I have always wanted to learn how to code video games. I have learned many things throughout this course. For example, how to add commands with other commands.

VGD102 - James - Grade 5

I just finished! Yeah! I loved this course and I think I am going to make another game using construct 2. The game is up top if you want to play it. I’m looking forward to the next course!

VGD102 - Brianna - Grade 6

“I have finished but do not ask me why its a princess.
or why there is a dog.
or why there is a evil octopus with slippers.
its just what came to mind hope you like it!!!!!!!!!

VGD102 - Grant - Grade 7

I liked the freedom that I had to shape it any way I wanted.

VGD102 - Jayden - Grade 12

I feel like I've learned so much! I learned about creating complex enemies, about making power-ups, and how to design a world map. I absolutely loved this course, and was so glad I could take it. I really feel like I'll be able to use this knowledge to make a great video game one day! Thank you so much, YDACS, for everything.

VGD102 - Daniel - Grade 5

best ydacs class I did so far! I enjoyed it. my favorite part was when I programmed the slimes.

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